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Nowadays, when our civilization finds itself in a whirl of technological advances, one fact still remains undoubtedly obvious. We hardly differ from our ancestors no matter how long ago they lived in what we know about proper diet and how well we use this knowledge. Because of that every man to this or that extent has health problems and in most cases the reason for that is unbalanced diet. However, it was found out that to make up a balanced diet program based on natural food supplying our body with more than 600 significant nutrient materials is even theoretically improbable, no computer will solve this problem for us. So, unavoidable violations of a balanced diet scheme cause disfunctions in our organism, especially so if these violations become habitual with us.

It is considered that our health depends by 52 – 55% on our diet and only by 8 -12% on health service and medicine as it is food and water that are the main sources of all necessary elements (except oxygen) for man’s body: proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Food, being the only source of nutrient materials and energy which serve materials for human cell building, influences our health and longevity. But the global problem is that in our everyday life we do not know how much of this or that nutrient material or energy is received by our body. And especially we do not know what nutrient materials we consume to excess and which we can lack over a long period of time (months, years) thus stimulating our body’s adaptation mechanisms to pathological changes, i.e. any illness (fatness, nutritional dystrophy, etc).

The Author developed and tested a simple and easy-to-use automated informational system (computer program) “My Diet” which is used by the owner of the Program for everyday self-monitoring of consuming the main nutrient materials and energy after every meal and it makes it possible for him to carry out necessary improvements of consuming nutrient materials on the basis of computer calculations and diagrams in real-time.

The program can be used in everyday life by common people and for scientific research into diet problems as well.

The program is registered in the national register ROSPATENT whereas the records state:

“Certificate of the state registration of the software #2011611506…” issued December 28, 2010,

“Certificate of the state registration of software #201163991…” issued April 05, 2011.

The program provides the following functions:

1. Individual questionnaire of the User.

2. Simple and easy entering of data about the consumed food at any time of the day.

3. Automatic calculations of consumed nutrient materials and energy de facto by day during the current year and their comparison with the consumption norm, accompanied with tables.

4. Visualization on the computer screen of the diagrams showing the changes in time of the consumed nutrient materials and energy, every element separately and within groups (amino acids, microelements, etc, all in all 14 groups).

5. Interpretation of charts and tables: visual commentaries are given with recommendations concerning optimal correction of the diet.


The program “My Diet” and its demo-version can be downloaded into Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 or PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows8, Windows8.1 following the instructions for the program installation. 


I have a strong belief that in the 21st ce
ntury every man will havea chance to have
a tool for self-monitoring his consumption of
nutrient materials and energy after every meal;
and also will have a chance to modify and correct
himself their consumptionin case the norm is violat
ed; and he will be able to do it in real-time.

Thus, every healthy man will have a chance – for the first ti
me in his life – to be no longer ignorant of his personal diet. He
will now live in the bright time of innovation technologies of the pr
esent.And “My Diet” program will help to do it.
Rudolf Tsepilov