My Nutrient Materials and Energy


Nutrient materials are biochemical elements of food which are necessary for building human body cells and producing biochemical energy necessary for biochemical reactions in the body.


The terms which can be found at the Website, pages “My Diet” and “My Nutrient Materials and Energy” are important for you, the User of this Program. That is why the computer program “My Diet” bought by you for your personal needs will automatically calculate your norms of physiological needs in nutrient materials and energy (hereafter referred to as Norms) taking into consideration your age, weight, physical activity and other individual peculiarities which are recorded in your individual computer questionnaire “My Diet”. In addition to that, it is also important that your Norms are based on science and are approved at the federal level:

by Head of Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, chief public health physician G.G.Onishchenko

document “Norms of physiological needs in nutrient materials and energy”, MP2.3.1.2432-08 issued December 18, 2008.

But these Norms can be of little if any importance for you in your everyday life as you cannot know and more than that you cannot compare the quantity and quality of nutrient materials and energy you consume a day de facto. And generally speaking in our everyday life we cannot monitor our individual consumption of them.

Monitoring is a specially organized systemic study of nutrient materials and energy as consumed by man with the purpose of their estimation, check-up or prognosis.

No other program has ever made it possible before to solve this monitoring problem so easily and effectively as “My Diet” program which is simply to be installed on your PC. Why is it easy? Because you, the User, can make use of very logical prompts on your computer screen and it will take you only about 1 – 3 minutes to enter the data about your every meal. By your wish you can see at once the calculations of nutrient materials and energy consumed by you. What you need to do is just select from the menu the data about nutrient materials and energy you are interested in. While getting quickly familiar with the way the program “My Diet” works you acquire necessary and valuable knowledge about nutrient materials and energy consumed with the purpose important for your health – real correction of your dietary intake to make you diet balanced. This purpose is achieved with the help of your self analysis and self correction of 75 basic nutrient materials and energy which you can see on the screen in form of diagrams and tables and which are presented either separately or within a group (14 in number). Every group structure corresponds to the generally accepted classification of nutrient materials:

1. Indispensable amino acids.

2. Nonessential amino acids.

3. Polyunsaturated fatty acids.

4. Monounsaturated fatty acids.

5. Saturated fatty acids.

6. Mono-, di- glycans.

7. Organic acids.

8. Oil-soluble vitamins.

9. Water-soluble vitamins.

10.Vitamin-like substances.

11. Macronutrients.

12. Micronutrients.

13. Water, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates.

14. Reserve.


For you to see how the above mentioned things function in reality and also for more detailed and careful acquaintance with “My Diet” program you can download its demo-version and after testing it you can make your final decision – if this program is useful in your everyday life and is worth purchasing.

Enjoy “My Diet” program!


I have a strong belief that in the 21st ce
ntury every man will havea chance to have
a tool for self-monitoring his consumption of
nutrient materials and energy after every meal;
and also will have a chance to modify and correct
himself their consumptionin case the norm is violat
ed; and he will be able to do it in real-time.

Thus, every healthy man will have a chance – for the first ti
me in his life – to be no longer ignorant of his personal diet. He
will now live in the bright time of innovation technologies of the pr
esent.And “My Diet” program will help to do it.
Rudolf Tsepilov