Purchase and Sale Terms


If after testing the demo-version of “My Diet” program you decide on buying its licensed copy (hereafter referred to as Program), read carefully the following purchase and sale terms:


1. The installation package with the User manual and licensed agreement can be downloaded from Website You can get the license key and the activating code during the following 3 days after the money paid is received.

2. The price for 1 copy of “My Diet” program for PC and for Pocket PC is … roubles / dollars.

3. The program can be installed on PCs with Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0.

4. For bank payment the following details of the Savings bank of the Russian Federation are valid: …….

5. Buying “My Diet” program you acquire legal rights only to install it on your computer and use it the way it is stated in “How to Order” section.

How to Order

1. Pay for the program using the bank details stated in Purchase and Sale Terms.

2. For the convenience of your further work open the window of your mail agent and reduce it to an icon.

3. Open the demo-version of “My Diet” program which you downloaded by left-clicking twice on “My Diet” tag mark.

4. In the menu Help choose Help – Buy – Send a request for the key.

5. In the opened window “Sending a request for the key” fill in the blanks:

Last name



Payment details

Only after that the button “E-mail check-up” is activated.

6. Left-click on the tab “E-mail check-up”, read carefully the information in the opened window “Sending a test mail”, press “OK”.

7. Maximize the window of your mail agent. You will get a testing mail at your e-mail address with the link “Press here” (the link to Website Left-click on this link and it will be checked if your e-mail is correct. If it is so then Send-button is activated in the window “Sending a request for the key”. After that you can follow the further points of the instruction.

8. Left-click on Send-tag and close all the windows. After that during 3 days you are to get an e-mail with a key for the licensed version of “My Diet” program. Write the key down on a piece of paper for you to type it in without any problems.

9. To enter this key in Help, choose Help – Buy – Download the lisensed installation package.

10. After that follow the instruction of the Program Installation Wizard. After downloading is successfully completed the demo-version will be automatically substituted for the licensed version.

I have a strong belief that in the 21st ce
ntury every man will havea chance to have
a tool for self-monitoring his consumption of
nutrient materials and energy after every meal;
and also will have a chance to modify and correct
himself their consumptionin case the norm is violat
ed; and he will be able to do it in real-time.

Thus, every healthy man will have a chance – for the first ti
me in his life – to be no longer ignorant of his personal diet. He
will now live in the bright time of innovation technologies of the pr
esent.And “My Diet” program will help to do it.
Rudolf Tsepilov